Assessment may fluctuate by the body color. As for the popular body color, assessment may increase by the same car model same age-style same grade, but assessment may fall down when it is an unpopular body color adversely.
There is little that assessment rises even if a lot of expensive options are equipped only anything with as for the maker option (it influences demand and must do it). In addition, assessment may fall if there is not the popular equipment (in the case of a pro-sportscar car model the kind of a spoiler and aeroparts).
When you sell a import cars from japan, you should examine it well because an assessment greatly varies according to sale. When it is reorganized in VIP specifications and run shop specifications, an assessment largely becomes the reduction when I trade it in to a dealer, but I am appreciated so that there is many it if there are many remodeling scores, and assessment tends to go up it when I put up it for sale in the shop which sells mainly such a remodeling cars. In addition, the popular car model of the low age type is similar, too. (AE86 Levin / Trueno, BNR32 type Skyline GT-R)